A Wedding Story that goes back in time

  • Posted on March 25, 2012 at 12:04 am

Tonight our good friends Tyler Hurst and Katie Charland were married in a simple (I’m guessing it was pretty simple because I only went to the reception) ceremony in Chandler, Arizona.  My husband and I were so excited for them both.  They are the happiest couple I’ve ever met, okay so there are a few others including myself that are happy.    The reception was beautiful and it fit their personalities, which it how any wedding should be.

I’ve had two weddings in my life.  The first was in 1981, I was 18 years old and thought I knew everything.  Looking back I wasn’t ready for marriage or the three children with the next 6 years ( I wouldn’t trade them for anything).  I married for all the wrong reasons and he asked me for all the wrong reasons.  When you are young and in love nothing will stop you.  I had all my friends there, he had his and then there were about 100 other people  we had no idea who they were.   There wasn’t hair sessions prior to the wedding, I just made an appointment and told them what I wanted done and they did it.  When it was time for the wedding and I was getting ready to walk down the aisle I had a panic attack, A full on attack that left me in tears.  My dad told me I didn’t have to do it but it had nothing to do with the person I was marrying it had to do with all the family drama on my side of the family.  (Vegas should always be an option when the wedding isn’t what you would have wanted.)  I should have taken that panic attack as a sign but I didn’t.

In 1993 I realized how unhappy I was and started making plans to leave.  In 1994, I met the man I would marry two years later.  How we met isn’t as important as the fact that we had both been married before and didn’t want a huge wedding, besides we couldn’t afford it.  We decided in 1995 to get married by a local radio station personality, Dave Pratt.  We were married February 14th, 1996 at the Orginal Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix, 26th St and Camelback.   We were up and out the door by 5am the wedding was performed at 8am and we celebrated with camera crews and local newspaper.  Sean and I were on the morning programs across the valley.  It was one of the last events my Mother attended, she was only family member that went, our good friends Corky and Brad stood up for us.  Our wedding song is Highway to Hell.  We couldn’t be happier and we know The Storied Wedding of Tyler and Katie remind us that we are just as happy today as we were 16 years ago.

Congratulations to Tyler and  Katie, Fairy-tales do come true!  May you live Happily Ever After!

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